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This page and its subpages will give you an overview of the service and some beginner guides for basic operations. Because the underlying Free Software project Gitea is in heavy development, some steps may change.

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  • Please help keeping these pages up-to-date, therefore. About git.

    Guides on specific actions

    Moreover, on git. Here are some of the features you might find helpful Files can be saved and changed while a full change record is saved. So changes can be rolled back easily. No matter if program code, text documents, or picture files, everything can be stored on this platform.

    People can open issues to give feedback, report bugs, or request changes.

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    This helps you keeping track of open tasks. People can not only request changes but directly contribute to any project. Either you can give them direct write access, or they fork a copy of your repository, make a change, and then open a pull request to merge their changes into your repository you can admit or reject. Advanced users can enable Continuous Integration CI to regularly check the latest changes for their compatibility.

    We already experimented with Drone.

    Structure Every User on git. For example, all respositories of the FSFE user max.

    A repository like max. It can contain various files and folders.

    Account Codes

    With each repository, there is a Issues and a Wiki section which you, contributors, and other people can use. Instead, the organizations administrators can define various user roles and teams with specific access permissions.

    For example, a new campaign could form an organization and contain multiple repositories, e. Note: You cannot create an organization on your own.

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  • Please write to system-hackers lists. The third structural form is a Mirror. Basically, this is a copy of another repository, either in git.

    Instructions to use Git

    Mirrors are kept up-to-date regularly. For example, max. GitHub has some popular howtos.

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  • Help expanding existing guides or add new ones! First steps git.

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    Contents Instructions to use Git About git.